Geraldo Rivera Compares Trump To General Patton: ‘The Right Warrior For The Fight’

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General George S. Patton is one of the most highly-respected military minds in all of American history.

And Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera believes that President Donald Trump’s work in stopping COVID-19 mimics the World War II Army general’s revered leadership.

“[Hillary Clinton’s] obscene joke [regarding] 100,000 Americans testing positive reveals much about haters of [Donald Trump]. Many, more quietly, share the same effete cynicism-a twisted superiority that would cheer calamity for our country as long as it made @POTUS less re-electable,” Rivera tweeted.

He continued: “Shame … Trump-haters clearly frustrated that the American people-many of whom did not vote for him-approve of the epic job @realDonaldTrump is doing to mitigate the #coronavirus catastrophe. He’s flamboyant & unrestrained, but he’s like General Patton, the right warrior for the fight.

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This falls right in line with Trump’s recent comments, in which he considers himself a “wartime president” during this chaotic time battling a “silent enemy” in the novel coronavirus..

“We’re at war, in a true sense we’re at war, and we are fighting an invisible enemy,” Trump said last week. “We’re enduring a great national trial and we will prove that we can meet the moment.”

There are currently 142,793 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with the epicenter of the outbreak being located in New York City.

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3 Comments on “Geraldo Rivera Compares Trump To General Patton: ‘The Right Warrior For The Fight’”

  1. I thank God we have a President at this time who was part of the business world to pull in men in our country who could give help and great advice. He is definitely the man we need to lead and guide the government through this calamity.

  2. He is doing every thing right
    I feel our country is very safe as long as he is President. Demorcates? They will take away our guns and our freedom. We will be like the people in China or Korea. I will vote for Trump. 2020

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