Man Wearing “White Lives Matter Too Much” Shirt Pummels Elderly Man During Columbus Statue Skirmish

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Encounters ejected on Wednesday (June 24) between nonconformists over the evacuation of a sculpture of Christopher Columbus in Wooster Square, New Haven, Connecticut. Police had to mediate after individuals from the Italian American Heritage Foundation, who were supportive of keeping the sculpture, and other people who restrict it, got physical. One man wearing a “White Lives Matter Too Much” T-shirt is engaged with the clash and pulverized an old man.

Latino “nonconformist” broke an amplifier over the leader of a senior resident during a fight over the evacuation of a Christopher Columbus sculpture in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut. Police interceded to deescalate the circumstance after “dissenters” conflicted with individuals from the Italian-American Heritage Foundation, who were fighting the evacuation of the sculpture. The Columbus sculpture has remained in Wooster Square Park for a long time — including during the eight-year administration of Barack Obama — when Black Lives Matter evidently didn’t think that its hostile. In the nerve racking video, a Latino man attacks an old white man with an amplifier and wrestles him to the ground. The aggressor is wearing a T-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter Too Much.” The assailant evidently accepts that white carries on with should matter less, which may clarify why he beat an old white man over the head. Unexpectedly, a cop in the end mediated to shield the Latino aggressor from the furious group after he attacked the senior resident. One man in the group shouts at the aggressor as he falls down behind the cop: “Presently you need the cops! Presently you need them, huh?”

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